Meet Our Founder

Hello, My name is Nya, and I am a care quality and management consultant. Wearing different hats in the care sector over the years taught me the importance of clear, concise and empathetic communication if organisational goals are to be achieved.

I am passionate about helping care providers find solutions that create a “well-led machine” that produces positive results and achieves desired results. I also believe easy-to-follow systems and support mechanisms can be just what is needed to make the difference you desire in your service.

Having been a nurse at the receiving end of countless policies, procedures and tasks I began to resent the apparent task-oriented environment I worked in. I thought becoming a quality manager would help me change things from the top. Whilst being able to achieve some of this, I felt somewhat “trapped” in an office with mounts of paperwork, minimal contact with front-line staff and frustrated by the amount of bureaucracy required to make the most basic organisational change.

Being a CQC inspector and helping impact the lives of service users through compliance and regulatory measures was rewarding but this didn’t come without its own challenges.

Nya Mabu Ngwashi

As a certified John Maxwell Team Coach, Trainer and Mentor and also a DISC Behavioural Analyst I have supported care leaders and managers in their roles in working with their teams to ensure well-led services. I offer coaching and mentorship support to care leaders as they navigate through these turbulent times filled with uncertainty and anxiety about what the future holds for the care industry. I believe that well supported care leaders and managers have a positive impact on the staff and service users and I am here to offer that support.

I’ve figured out that what gives me the most joy is working directly with care mangers and providers to provide them with tools, support and guidance on how to provide quality services in a harmonious work environmental. Being able to figure out the formular that give care providers clarity and confidence to transform their businesses makes my job worth it every single day.

Why should you care and how can I help you?

Having been “in your shoes” before, I understand the pressures you are possibly facing and believe with the right support and guidance, you can own or manage an “outstanding” service. You will be supported by an experience professional who has inspected and rated several care services and understands regulations and compliance. You will be having someone with a proven track record of supporting care providers and registered managers transform their services.

I will…

  • Help you DISCOVER talent in your staff (that you may not even be aware of).
  • Provide you guidance that points you in the direction where TARGETED ACTION needs to be taken.
  • Empower you to be “OUTSTANDING” by helping you understand yourself, your staff and how quality improvements can be driven in your service.

Our main objective

Connect Care Consultancy Ltd aims to empower, support, advice and mentor care providers and managers to be outstanding in their efforts to provide high quality care whilst by remaining compliant against CQC and Health and Social care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) 2014 regulations.

We recognise and understand the challenges faced by care providers and organisations and therefore aim to make compliance against health and social care regulations as well as CQC compliance, simplified and achievable. This is done by working closely with care providers, sharing skills and knowledge which would empower and inspire them to be outstanding.

Connect Care Consultancy’s services are designed to enable providers to receive premium services at affordable prices thereby enabling to concentrate all effort in providing quality care whilst ensuring compliance and reducing risk.